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WRTSL54GS finally in production

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After a few months of tinkering with getting to know this guy, and doing my final (for now?) hardware mod and getting a proper serial connection in place, I've finally replaced my old Asante router that had served me well these last several years.

The trickiest bit was figuring out the iptables command and setting things up so that I could access my web/mail server via the LAN using the WAN address (so I could refer to it by name instead of a local IP). This posting over on the OpenWRT forums was a great help in doing exactly what I needed.

Serial upgrade complete

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My TTL-232R-3V3-AJ USB cables arrived last week (I ordered a spare), a quick test after installing the OS X driver indicated that I was indeed seeing a new serial port after plugging the cable in, so it was now time to replace my hacked Keyspan interface with a clean looking 3.5mm stereo audio jack on my WRT. Having it in the back with the other ports would have been ideal, but there was just no real estate left. I opted for the top case opposite the antenna jack.

I wish now that I'd had some heat shrink tubing on hand for the jack, but I'm not planning to go back to fix that unless I have to. A quick desoldering of my old cable from the underside of the board and soldering the new cable to the top of the board and I was in business.

USB Serial cable

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A recent post in the OpenWRT forums hilighted the TTL-232R-3V3-AJ USB cable, a TTL Level Serial Converter, or in other words, it takes a 3.3v RS-232 signal and converts it to USB, perfect for use with my WRTSL54GS, thanks to the fact that they also have Mac drivers available. This will allow me to ditch (with some slight regret) my hacked USB serial interface, and simply add a clean looking 3.5mm stereo audio connector to the side of my WRT, which this cable will plug right into.

Several versions of this cable are available for 5v and 3.3v sources, with several alternate ends, the AJ (Audio Jack) version to me seems the most flexible to adding a serial interface as it is easily removable from the unit when not needed.

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