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Time Warner Cable

Normally, I've had great service from these folks, the occasional outages are a minor annoyance, but they can't be faulted when idiots ram the poles with their trucks and down lines. However...

A few weeks back, our new digital cable box stopped receiving channels above 20-something, so a quick call resulted in a box reset, and we were up and running in a few minutes. Fast forward to a few days ago, and our bill is now about $60 higher than it had been, and there's a mysterious charge for the prior month, apparently backdated to about the time our box was reset.

Two phone calls later, the truth comes out. It seems that when the box was reset, for some reason, our account got reset too, and we lost the promotional code that was on our account as of the end of December. So I ask for them to put the code back on and fix the bill, at which point I'm told that they can't override the system and put the code back.

But you already overrode the system, I point out, and do you're just fixing what was already overridden. My logic is lost on them, and a manager confirms that they can not now go back in to correct this. I then explain to them that in that case they will be getting their DVR boxes back, and I know exactly where to put them. The manager starts to get very defensive at this point, so I explain that I meant I was going to take them to their main office in town, what did he think I meant? Some mumbling later, and the call was done.

A short while later at the main office, DVR boxes, cables, and remotes in hand, the counter girl confirms that they can't put in the old promo code anymore, and unfortunately they have no current promos of comparable value, so I dump everything off with them.

I'm sure it's only a matter of time before a salesweasel calls to sign me up again, this time I'll make sure to get the offer in writing...


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